Dinner program before the conference

Dear participants:

We are planning a dinner before the conference, on September 4, Wednesday about 7:30 p.m. at Laterna, a Mediterranean restaurant close to the Bilkent Univeristy’s Tunus bus stop.  Information on the menu and price is given below.  If you are interested in joining the dinner, please send an email to the following address and state how many you will be:

duyguoz@bilkent.edu.tr. Please send your message before August 1 so that we can make the reservation in time.


Mezeler / Appetizers

  • Fava
  • Cevizli haydari
  • Zeytinyagli pazi
  • Yogurtlu semizotu
  • Kalmata zeytin
  • Girit ezme

Ara Sıcaklar / Entre Starters

  • Peynir saganaki / Cheese plate
  • Kalamar tava / Fried kalamari
  • Salata / Salad

Ana Yemek / Main Dish

  • Et/Tavuk/Balık (secmeli) / Meat/Chicken/Fish (choose one of them)
  • Meyva / Fruits
  • Iki Kadeh icki / Wine or beer (2 glasses)

Fiyat: 60 TL / Price: 60 Turkish liras

  • Kobe 9 elite
  • Jordan Shoes
  • Jordan 6 retro