Conference Topics

Conference topics are as follows:

  • Identity and memory (Family and memory; Biographical and autobiographical studies; Migration, diaspora and memory);
  • Space and memory (Memory and culture in architecture; City, urbanization and memory; Gecekondu (squatter housing), village, city, neighborhood, nature in collective memory);
  • Politics, political power and memory (Memory and culture in modernity / modernization/ modernism; Construction of memory as a political project; Nationalism and memory; Ethnic identity and memory; Minorities and memory; Political trauma and memory);
  • Memory and culture in everyday life (Traditions, memory and culture; Rituals, memory and culture; Bodily practices, memory and culture; Recreation, memory and culture; Disasters and memory; Nostalgia and memory);
  • Social institutions / Cultural products and memory (Art / Literature, memory and culture; Language, memory and culture; Religion, memory and culture; Media and memory; Internet and virtual memory).
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