Individiual Papers

Memory and Culture Symposium

September 5 – 7, 2013, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

1. Articles should be written in MS Word format, Times New Roman 12 pt, 1.5 spacing.

2. Abstracts should be 200 words, and the main argument/idea of the article, the findings (if research was conducted); and the conclusion(s) should be mentioned.

Articles should not exceed 5000 words, including references and notes.

3. Articles should have an ‘introduction’ and a ‘conclusion’ section.

4. Please italicize words and phrases not in English.

5. Secondary works are cited in the text as follows: (Steward, 1997: 21).

6. Footnotes should not be used for references.

7. Quotations should be given in double quotation marks.  Long quotations (three lines or more) should be typed as an indented paragraph, single spaced, without quotation marks.

8. Gender neutral language should be used.

9. The style for the references is as follows:

a.For books: Last name, Name. (Publication year). Book Title. Publication date. Place: Publisher.
Halbwachs, Maurice. (1992). On Collective Memory. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

b.For articles in journals: Last Name, Name. (Publication year). “Article Title.” Name of Journal, Volume (number): pages.
Assmann, Jan and Czaplicka, John. (1995). “Collective Memory and Cultural Identity.” New German Critique, 65 (2): 125-133.

c.For chapters in edited books: Last Name, Name. (Publication year). “Title of Chapter.” Title of Book. ed., Name Last name. Place: Publisher, pages.

Bruce, Vicki. (2013). “Remembering Faces,” in The Visual World in Memory. ed., J. R. Brockmole. New York and London: Routledge, 66-88.

10. If you have visual material, please make sure that you have permission to publish.

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